When you go out,
You are on vacation.
Relax & stay awhile!

The Palms, Inspired Kitchen & Cocktails.
Our team's passion is our focus, and creativity is the fuel that provides unique tasty gourmet dishes and memorable specialty cocktails.

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You INSPIRE, us!
We INSPIRE, each other!


Victoria's newest
casual dining restaurant
& cocktail lounge

The Palms' space provides an ambiance that encourages comfortability, energy and a modern edge.

The menu

Starters & Sharing Plates
Casual Plates
Fresh Salads

Happy Hour & Late Night

4:00-5:30 & 9:00 - Close

Starters & Sharing Plates

(Happy Hour)

Casual Plates

(Happy Hour)

Prosecco & Wine

(Happy Hour)

Craft Beer and Craft Cocktails

(Happy Hour)


Drinks Menu

Sparkling Craft Cocktails
Craft Cocktails
Classic Cocktails
Local Craft Beer

12oz - $6 20oz Pint $8

Specialty Beer & Cider
Rose and Bubbles
White Wine
Red wine

When you go out, you are on vacation,
relax and stay awhile

Eat, Drink, Stay

The Palms, is located in the historic Hotel Rialto in the business district in downtown Victoria. Visit the Hotel Rialto website and take advantage of seasonal staycation packages where you can take the elevator home.

Cocktail Lounge or Dining Room,
the rooms have a flavour all their own

Discover unique west coast cuisine & incredible craft cocktails in a vibrant atmosphere. Specialising in birthdays, anniversaries, special group functions of up to 130 people. The Palms offers an upbeat cocktail lounge or a cosy intimate dining room that is fast becoming Victoria's number one date night hotspot.

Vision, Art & Creativity

Local restaurateur Darren Cole & business partner Rob Ekstrom, knew immediately when discovering the venue at the Hotel Rialto that the owners of the hotel have a deep appreciation for doing things first class and with style. The Palms is a casual premium dining experience that offers gourmet burgers, sharing plates, seafood, fish, steaks, plant based-vegan items and is fast becoming famous for the tableside caesar salad. Cole & Ekstrom forged a relationship with Rio, a French-Canadian artist from Montreal, known as a bit of a phenom. Rio's large paintings available for sale through RIO’s agent, Avant-Garde Art, are installed throughout the dining room, helping take it from, as Cole described it, "an old classic dining room into a venue you would enthusiastically seek while visiting Las vegas or LA. When you go out, you are on vacation"

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1450 Douglas St,
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada, V8W2G1